Monday, September 07, 2009

My latest question

I often have a question that I ask people in an effort to prompt discussion that gets a little past the usual introductory chat and get to know people in a different kind of way.  Those who have known me for a while have likely been asked the following: "If a wizard approached you and told you that he was going to turn you into an animal, and you couldn't get out of it, but he would allow you to choose the animal... what animal would you choose?"
This has resulted in some pretty great responses that run the gamut, as you might imagine.
I have recently started asking a new question, which has two parts:
Part 1:  If you could destroy 3 bands/musical acts/artists from all history... which would you choose?
Part 2:  If you could only save 3 bands/musical acts/artists for all history... which would you choose?
I have really enjoyed a lot of the discussion that has resulted from these questions.  Ultimately, someone will choose to destroy a band that someone else likes or save a band that someone else dislikes, but it's all in good fun.  I almost like that part of it because it's a small way for people to work on disagreeing without fighting or getting angry (something that many us of could work a good deal on).
P.S. - I would destroy: Nickelback, Janis Joplin, & Cher and I would save: Tom Waits, Radiohead & Led Zeppelin


Steve LaBs said...

Nicko, welcome back to the blogging world.

As discussed, mine so far to keep would be Paul Simon and after some discussion with you was James Brown.

To destroy: New Kids on the Block to cripple the start up of boy bands and any band that would personify the 80's (still need to come up with one).

J. J. said...

Off the top of my head, I would definitely destroy Lil Wayne. Coldplay needs to be snuffed out, too. Keep Zeppelin, of course. Mozart and Rachmaninoff have some skills. Dang it, can I swap destruction to keep The Eagles, too?

Maybe you can blog once a month to start, Newdad ;) What's the next topic gonna be? Get ready for Monday March 1st!