Friday, October 02, 2009

Bill Murray Versus John Cleese

I was thinking the other day about Bill Murray, and a thought occurred to me that Bill Murray is America's John Cleese.  Can you think of anyone else from the United States, in the world of comedic acting, who compares with the longevity, influence, and shear mass of work of John Cleese?  A friend of mine seemed to think that Bill Murray might even surpass John Cleese, but the resumes tell a different story.  See below a summary of credits of each (shamelessly gathered from IMDb):

Bill Murray          Category                  John Cleese
7                         Writer                      55
57                       Actor                       108
5                         Soundtracks             3
3                         Produced                 42
1                         Directed                   3
1                         Edited                      0
3                         Thanked                   2
60                       Played Himself          161
35                       Archived                   35

The numbers tell a story which is decidedly in favor of JC.  JC is eleven years older than BM, but they began their careers only one year apart, so the comparison is pretty fair.


Anonymous said...

Dig your post. I'm a big fan of both and it just flashed across my brain: HAVE BILL MURRAY AND JOHN CLEESE EVER BEEN IN THE SAME MOVIE?

So I just plugged them both into the old internet machine and voila!

Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, I'm off to write a script with the sole aim of casting those two as the lead characters...I have no idea what it will be about.

Jens Schriver said...

I don't know who else to share this with. There's a photo of Bill Murray where he looks exactly like John Cleese.
... the world needs to know about this.